IT security

One of the mission critical challenges of every company is providing sound information security. We support companies in this pursuit by performing the professional services listed below. Please contact us for additional information

What we can do for you:



Procedures and analyzes:

  • application approvals,
  • responding to security incidents,
  • access to information systems,
  • physical and environmental security,
  • analysis and solutions in the field of IT security.

Protection against data leaks

  • recommendation and implementation of tools monitoring work on individual devices
  • implementation of procedures and solutions to protect against unauthorized data transfer from the company


  • advising in the field of cyber security

Network monitoring:

  • support in monitoring / analysis of network traffic – analysis and suggestions about potential threats based on network traffic logs,
  • automated solutions based on machine learning to detect anomalies and potential threats in network traffic,

Pentests and audits of company applications

  • (whitebox, blackbox tests), application security monitoring,


  • Trainings of company employees on selected issues of computer security. Key topics are listed below. We can modify them to your specific needs.
    • social engineering
    • protection of privacy in social networks and messengers
    • passwords – safety rules and convenience of use
    • phishing – recognition of threats
    • mobile application security
    • personalized attacks – threats, risks,
    • wifi networks
    • safe use of modern technologies at work,
    • protection of company information
    • GDPR – impact on the user experience
    • user profiling – what is it and what are the consequences
    • anonymity on the internet

Coordination of activities and legal support:

  • coordination and support in cooperation with law enforcement authorities in the case of fraud attempts,
  • legal support and evaluation of the IT system in terms of compliance with regulations, in particular with the Personal Data Protection Act,
  • consultations for personal data administrators and information security
  • administrators regarding legal and organizational obligations,
  • preparation of a security policy and IT systems management instructions,
  • consultations for personal data administrators and information security administrators regarding legal and organizational obligations.

Handling potential threat notifications::

  • verification of suspicious messages
  • support in the implementation of security procedures in case of finding a threat (including loss / theft of a telephone / personal computer, encryption of data due to a successful ransomware attack),


  • adaptation of systems processing personal data in the company to GDPR requirements – in consultation with lawyers,
  • preparing, updating and maintaining a personal data management policy (document required by the GDPR),
  • preparation of Records of Processing Activities,
  • cooperation procedures with personal data processors
  • guidelines for preparing contracts with personal data processors
    preparation of DPIA
  • adaptation of websites to GDPR requirement
  • preparation of GDPR procedures regarding the use of CCTV cameras for physical security purposes together with DPIA,
  • preparation of GDPR procedures regarding the HR activities together with DPIA

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

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