idenTT Verification System

provides automatic verification of an identity document. System verifies correctness, integrity and authenticity of the document. It significantly accelerates the process of customer service, at the same time increasing the level of credibility of client authentication and helps to prevent frauds. The entire verification process is carried out within seconds and the result is available immediately.

One system - many possibilities

Data can be provided to the System using various media depending on the use case scenario. The desktop version is integrated with a scanner (dedicated one or a copier). For those who work in the field, we recommend a mobile application. For companies offering their services on the Internet, the best will be the online version.


Reading data

The advanced OCR system reads data directly from the document. The data can be used to support customer service, eliminating the need to enter data manually.


Data integrity and correctness

The system automatically checks the integrity of data throughout the entire document, comparing individual fields. In addition, the MRZ code and other information read from the document are verified.

Customer panel

The system has a customer panel to view verification details and user data. You can see all checks, photos of document, data read from the document and other pertinent information

Full data security

The system ensures full security of customer data at every stage of operation. It can be installed inside the institution.

System tailored to your needs

We offer the possibility of adapting the system to the current customer requirements, integration with already functioning tools and the implementation of additional functionalities.

Additional functionalities

The system has many additional functionalities such as: archiving the verification results, integration with databases of lost and stolen documents, using the internal black list of documents, support of a qualified team of experts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

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