We run projects solving a defined problem using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Using new technologies makes data analysis more effective and faster. At the same time, we can achieve a high level of reliability.

The main goal of the project is the satisfaction of the customer with a well-functioning solution. Therefore, we focus on close and continuous cooperation with the client. 

Customer team can be involved directly in the project. This model is an opportunity for customer’s employees to deepen their knowledge and improve skills. On the other hand it makes cooperation closer and more effective.

The project implementation process is as follows:

  • identify, analyze and describe the problem
  • define the range and amount of data necessary to solve the problem
  • evaluate the project (implementation of the prototype)
  • develop the solution concept
  • implementation

Completed projects

The R&D team has completed many projects using Deep Learning. Some of them are presented below:


  • Facelab – a tool for comparing people images and inferring about their characteristics (age, gender, emotions). The system supports the process of customer identity verification.It can be used as an additional element integrated with the access control system. It is also possible to use the solution for marketing or analytical purposes. The system demo is available at: https://facelab.io/
  • automatic data reading from ID documents (OCR) – the tool is prepared to read data from identity cards and passports.
  • comparing the image with the template – the solution can be used for example, to verify a UV photo of the document


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